Esoteric Healing Modalities

Esoteric Healing Modalities

Esoteric simply means inner-most — to come from an essence that is found deep within, and that is innate in us all. The modalities are a form of energetic healing that, first and foremost, supports the re-connection to an individual’s inner-most essence. Esoteric Healing Modalities, very powerfully, offers the opportunity to connect back deeply with the inner-most of you, from where healing of any-thing is possible. Clients can book individual sessions or a series of sessions precisely tailored to support individual requirements

Connective Tissue Therapy - 30 mins £30, 1 hr £60

Esoteric Connective Tissue Therapy (ECTT) is a gentle hands-on energetic healing modality. It is a simple and powerfully effective treatment that works directly with the energy flowing through the connective tissue system in order to support and restore the natural balance of the whole body.  Esoteric Connective Tissue Therapy works on a deep foundational level in the body’s systems, enabling it to facilitate in a vast array of energetic, physical and emotional conditions including common musculoskeletal ailments.

Massage - 30 mins £30, 1 hr £60

Esoteric Massage is a healing modality in which gentle massage is used to support the body to heal ingrained energetic and physical disharmony/dysfunction. Esoteric Massage works on supporting the restoration of the right flow of energy in and through the body to enable it to return to its natural and unhindered way of physical movement and expression.

Chakra Puncture - 1 hr £50

Chakra-puncture is a complementary healing modality that is based on the Science of the Nadis. It enables one to reconnect with one’s inner most quality, which is also known as Fire. It is an energetic quality that resides within the centre of each Nadi (energetic cell) and, when in full activation, is the quality that restores the body back to true harmonious equilibrium, both energetically and physiologically. Each needle, when applied correctly, both technically and from a place of true inner connection and whole-body-mindedness, activates each Nadi (energetic cell) to restore its own natural essence and thus return to its natural spherical emanating quality.

Sacred Esoteric Healing - £60 - 1hr

Esoteric is a technique where the client receives hands on healing on the body. It is a non-intrusive and non-invasive technique represented by the ancient lineage. This healing technique does not offer the client a cure from disease/illness but rather initiates the client to bring in a deeper awareness to one’s life and behaviours that then facilitates harmony. This healing technique is based on the fact that ‘everything is energy’ and that ‘everything is because of energy’. Thus every cause or condition has at its root an energy that needs to be addressed. What comes across in an Esoteric Healing session primarily is that the client experiences feelings of gentleness and the body is suffused with warmth and love and re-connection to one’s inner self.

Energetic Facial Release Massage - £60 - 1hr

Energetic Facial Release
Facials are usually considered as a treatment for our outer beauty, a way to improve the physical appearance. What if our face has layers of scarring as a result of our life experiences? What if we did not only treat the outer beauty and the way we look but, also addressed the emotions, anger, stress, frustration and disharmony experienced and felt in our bodies and expressed through the face?

The Principle behind an Energetic Facial Release
The Energetic Facial Release modality is based on the fact that we store emotions on our face. Our face reveals lots of what is going on for us and how we are living. Such as the tenderness on our cheekbones can also reveal deep sadness, or how clenching and tightening of our jaw can reveal built up frustration and anger, whilst the dark circles under our eyes may reveal a lack of true vitality and/or rejuvenating sleep.

What is an Energetic Facial Release?
The Energetic Facial Release is a gentle massage applied to the face using specific hand positions and healing techniques. The techniques support activating the facial chakra points allowing the facial muscles to relax. The relaxed facial muscles are then anchored with the rest of the body, by sending relaxing energy down the nervous system and to the rest of the body. The massage is carried out using specialised cream (or without in case of allergies). These sessions are deeply healing and nurturing for the entire body and not just the face. Many share after the session that it feels as if the face has had a face-lift, as the energy releases and the muscles in the face relax and return to their truer form. The key is the more you surrender in the session, the deeper the healing. The massage may also help release through the face, what some clients may hold onto tightly in the body.

Where does it come from?
The Energetic Facial Release is an ageless ancient practice, which dates back to the Ancient Egyptian period. During this period women were prohibited from being touched, therefore leaving women short of hands-on healing. Whilst the face could be touched, the body could not, so the energetic facial release was devised as a form of healing for women.

Energetic Facial Release, Esoteric Healing and Massage
The Energetic Facial Release is part of the Sacred Esoteric Healing Modalities. The session can be stand alone or part of an Esoteric Healing or Massage session for a deeper healing.

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